We have an ever-changing stock of uniforms, badges, insignia and the like. Although our specialty is British Militaria, we usually have a wide assortment of items from around the globe to complement an extensive array of British, Canadian and Commonwealth material. Feel free to browse, or to contact us with any questions or requirements you may have.  We also buy individual items and entire collections--let us know what you would like to sell.

For nearly 35 years we have supplied militaria to collectors, reenactors, museums, and theater groups, as well as the film, television and advertising industries.  Our particular interest in Scottish items has led to special relationships with pipe bands and other members of the Scottish community.  We look forward to serving your needs now and in the future.

Keeping the website current continues to be an agonizing job for which there never is enough time. We are now noting the date of the last update following the name of the section (small letters, as "10 October 2009").  This ought to be of some help to all of you.  New, too, is the fact that we now accept PayPal, which makes it especially easy for overseas customers to pay us.  In the near future we hope to have a "Click and Pay" feature integrated into the site.

Most recently updated are our sections on US insignia (we recently bought a large US patch collection, and new ones are being added to the site almost every day as we work our way through the collection) and on magazines--check here for bargains on back issues of "The Trading Post" (the quarterly journal of the American Society of Military Insignia Collectors) and "Soldier", the British Army magazine where we have issues dating from the 1950s and 1960s.  Netherlands badges also are completely up-to-date. Also now open is a new "Medals" section, with a very good listing of US full-size and miniature medals, and quite a few from foreign countries, notably Great Britain.

A quick word about some of the abbreviations and symbols used in this catalogue.  First of all, everything offered here is original and authentic.  Copies, reproductions and restrikes are all so labelled, or are in their own sections.  For British and Empire/Commonwealth badges we use three designations for the crowns which appear on badges from different periods:  "QVC" indicates the Victorian, pre-1901 crown.  "K/C" stands for "King's crown", the pattern used from 1901-1952.  And, finally, "Q/C" is the present pattern "Queen's crown", in use since 1953.  Something new we've just begun to add is to use "<" or ">" to indicate whether the badge (usually collar badges and formation patches) faces left or right, where such knowledge truly matters. For fasteners, "CB" means clutchpin back, "PB" indicates a pinback, and "SB" means screwback.  British and Commonwealth badges generally have "lugs" (loops soldered to the back of badges, to be secured with a split pin) or a "slider" (a narrow metal tongue on a cap badge).

"Br" means that the badge is brass, while "bz" means bronze or bronzed (usually referring to British OSD--officers' service dress--badges).  "Wm" is white metal, "bim" is used where the badge is made of brass and white metal.  "S/G" means a badge is silvered and gilt (as with officers' dress badges). Finally, we use the symbol "**" following an entry to indicate that a pair of that particular item is available--the pricing, however, is always on a single item basis.

Last but not least:  prices, unfortunately, are subject to change without notice

Oh, and a word about internet dealers.  You can finds all kinds of things on the internet and on eBay...and you can find a lot of junk, and I'm continually amazed at what some people offer up as "real"   I have nearly 50 years' experience in the militaria field, and  always say when something is a copy or reproduction.  If you have doubts about something you see out there, I'd be happy to vet it for you at no charge.  Similarly, if you have doubts about something I offer, feel free to run that offering past someone you trust.  I'll gladly supply references as well.  And, if you want to know some of the sites I find to be egregious violators of the "honesty in listing"  policy, I'll happily share my experiences with you.     

Good hunting, have fun...and thank you!


Charlie Edwards






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